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Augmented Reality

moonmoons AR uses augmented reality, as such it works best in well lit environments.

Having a clean camera lens makes a surprsingy improvement to your device's ability to track the world, we highly recommend giving it a quick wipe with a dry cloth!

Flat surfaces, both horizontal and vertical, can be detected for use in AR. However, not all surfaces are detected equally: surfaces with visible patterns or borders tend to be picked up easily, while single color surfaces without much variation are difficult to detect. Reflective surfaces are even more problematic! Fortunatley, detecting surfaces isn't critical to moonmoons AR.

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Playing with moonmoons AR

Placing instruments

Before you can listen to moonmoons, you need to place the six instruments around your environment. Simply walk around and use the place button place button to fix the instrument's position. The remaining instruments are listed at the top of the screen.

moonmoons AR screenshot of place button

Use the Undo button undo button to re-position the previous instrument

moonmoons AR screenshot of undo button

The instruments can be placed floating in the air, or on flat surfaces (both vertical and horizontal).

three instruments placed in the air, on a vertical surface, and a horizontal surface respectively.

Your experience of the piece of music will depend on how you arrange the instruments. If they are close to each other, you will be able to hear all of them at once.

Conversely, if you spread them out, you will be able to walk between them, with those closest to you being the loudest. This lets you listen to the fine details of each part, and explore the different layers that make up the piece as a whole.


Once all six instruments are placed, the piece of music can be started with the play button play button

moonmoons AR screenshot of play button

When the instruments are not making any sound, they will be dark

moonmoons AR screenshot of inactive instruments

When an instrument is making sound, it will light up and grow in size

moonmoons AR screenshot of an active instrument

Starting again

When the piece finishes, you have the option of listening again or re-positioning the instruments

buttons when the song has finished

If you want to start again before the piece has finished, press the info button info button and press the Start Again button start again button

screenshot of info button screenshot of start again button

The info page is closed with the close button in the top right corner

info close button


If you have any questions you can reach us at

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Concerned about your privacy and data while using moonmoons AR? Head over to our Privacy Policy to see what it says (spoiler alert: we do not collect, store, or transmit any of your data!)

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